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Managing Your Organization with the Admin Console
Managing Your Organization with the Admin Console

Get familiar with the Admin Console and where it's located if your role is Admin or Owner in Pegasus.

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This is a Quick Guide to managing your organization in Pegasus using the Admin Console. The Admin Console can be accessed by Owner and Admin roles only and acts as the backend manager for your organization's Pegasus Environment.

For step-by-step, detailed information related to the Admin Console please head over to the Admin Console article collection in our Help Center.

Admin Console Overview


To navigate to the Admin Console, select your name at the top right corner of the page. Select Admin Console.

General Usage

  1. Organization Information: Update your Organization or business's Name, Address, Contact information.

  2. Users & Projects: Invite Users to your Organization and quickly manage Project Access & Permissions, and Org Roles.

  3. Billing & Licenses: View billing information, manage licenses for your organization.

  4. Report Templates: Upload reports and convert them to fillable PDF report templates. Choose which projects they are available on.

  5. Drop Down List Management: Manage all your drop down list selections for each project.

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