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Account Roles Explained
Account Roles Explained

Invite users to your Organization's Account in Pegasus and understanding each Membership Type available.

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This help article explains the purpose of each of the Organizational Roles you can assign to your users in Pegasus.

Organizational Roles determine which users can manage and access within your organization's account level-settings in Pegasus located in the Admin Console.

These settings include User Management, Billing and Licensing, Contact Information, List Management for fields in Pegasus, Report Templates, and much more.

Organization Role Types and Hierarchy

There are 4 different Organization Roles available for your users in Pegasus:

  1. Owner: The Owner role type has no restrictions at the account level. Owners can add/remove users, modify billing and view invoices, manage the organization's account-level lists and settings and create projects. Typically, your organization's leadership and management personnel will occupy this role.

  2. Admin: The Admin role type has the same permissions as the Owner role type EXCEPT the Admin role type does not have permission to billing and invoicing information. The Admin role type can access the Admin Console to add/remove users, manage account-level lists and settings and can create projects in Pegasus. This role type is usually reserved for Leadership, Project Management and Administrative Assistants.

  3. Member: The Member role type is restricted from accessing the Pegasus Admin Console. Members can access projects assigned to them and view their own activity under the My Profile page. Depending on your organizations's size and structure, the Member role type is assigned to field staff or other personnel that does not need to use the Admin Console.

  4. Guest (External): The Guest role type is for users outside of your organization that have been invited to access a project you created in Pegasus. The Guest role type can view their profile information and activity similar to the Member role type. However, a Guest role type can never access your organization's Admin Console in Pegasus.

You can view each User's Organization Role from the Admin Console under the 'Users' grid.

You can also modify Org Roles by selecting a User record and using the Org Role drop down menu as seen in the image below:

NOTE: In order to navigate to the Admin Console to you must have the Organization Role of Admin or Owner. Users with Member and Guest roles cannot access the Admin Console.

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