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Edit Your Organization's Information in Pegasus
Edit Your Organization's Information in Pegasus

Edit Contact Information and Logos for your Organization.

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You can change your Organization's contact information (name, address, website, phone number, LinkedIn URL and logo image) from the Admin Console.

Changing your Organization's photo is important. This will brand your reports with you company or organization logo in the header of the Reports created in Pegasus.

NOTE: To change information you will need the Admin or Owner Organization Role assigned.

How to Modify your Organization's Information in Pegasus

Navigate to the Admin Console.

Under the 'My Organization' section select the Edit button in the top left corner of the section.

Modify the information in the side blade or upload your Organization's logo using the blue upload button. NOTE: Your Organization's logo will be used on all PDF's generated in Pegasus for projects your Organization has created.

Select the blue Save button in the side blade to save your changes.

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