Managing Your My Profile page

Update your Pegasus profile information from the My Profile page.

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Once you have logged into Pegasus you can update/modify your profile information.

NOTE: Your profile information will be displayed in all projects you have access to in Pegasus. Make sure your information is correct as other users can download your contact card when viewing your profile.

My Profile page

Your Full Name should be displayed in the top, left corner of the Top Bar navigation menu.

Select your name to navigate to My Profile.

Edit Your Contact Information

To edit you contact information from the My Profile page, select the Edit Button.

You can update information such as your Name, Title, Email, Phone, LinkedIn Profile url, and your profile photo.

Click the Save button to finish.

NOTE: Additional Information you can access from the My Profile page includes:

  • Projects you have access to

  • Reports you have created

  • Timecard information

  • Security Settings (Change Password)

  • Notification Settings

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