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Account Roles & Project Permissions in Pegasus
Account Roles & Project Permissions in Pegasus

Learn more about Account Roles and Project Permissions available and how they differ.

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Understanding Roles and Permissions is important Pegasus. Let's start by highlighting Account (Organization) Roles and functions:

Account Roles

Your team or organization's environment in Pegasus. Your account includes all of your users that belong to your account, and also includes licenses, projects, list data, report templates, etc. Managing this information is done at the account level from the Admin Console. Determining WHO can manage this information is equally as important. That's where roles come into play and every user in Pegasus has an account role. The types of account roles are (in order of hierarchy):

  1. Owner: By default, the first user created in your organization's Pegasus environment is the Owner. The Owner has control over everything in your account including licenses & billing, users, project assignments, list management, template management.

  2. Admin: Admins also have access to the Admin Console and have similar access/control as the Owner role, however they cannot modify users that are Owner roles, nor do they have access to billing information and modification.

  3. Member: This is anyone in your organization that you invite to as a user in Pegasus under your account environment. However, they do not have access to the Admin Console.

  4. Guests: External users that cannot create projects in your account. They have been invited to a project that sits in your environment.

User Account Roles are modified under the Admin Console page. Select the user and then select the Account Role they'll be assigned. Click Save.

Project Permissions

Permissions exist at the project-level and determine the level of control and manipulation you have over that project. Users have one permission set per project. There are the project permission sets:

  1. Manager: This permission set gives a user full-access to the project. With the Manager permission you can modify Project Settings, Manage Users on a project, Review Reports, and Create any record within a project.

  2. Field: Field Users do not have access to project settings and are limited to Creating Reports, Creating List items, Uploading and Viewing Documents/Photos, and can VIEW all other records within a project.

  3. View: With View permissions, users can ONLY view data.

Project Permissions are modified within a project. Manager permission users can navigate to the Project Settings page, select the user and then select the permission set to assign.

NOTE: If you are an ADMIN or OWNER ROLE you can modify project permissions from the admin console as well under the Projects section.


Regardless of your Account Role (Owner, Admin, Member) you can have varying project permissions. You may be an Admin Role and have Manager permissions on Project A, but have View only permissions on Project B - this does not change your Role within your account's environment.

Per project permissions becomes extremely useful in larger organizations OR when inviting Guest that are outside of your organization into projects within your Pegasus environment.

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