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Managing Tags & Best Practices
Managing Tags & Best Practices

Learn what Tags are and how to get the most out of them in Pegasus

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How Tags Work in Pegasus

You can use Tags in Pegasus to label and organize your Field Reports, Documents, and Photos. Tags can be added or removed to these records by any user at any time. Once a Tag has been added to a record you can easily filter and locate tagged records.

There are two Tag Types that function as separate Tag lists or groups:

  1. Report: Tags for Field Reports only.

  2. Attachment: Tags for Photos & Document files only.

Pegasus Admins can create and manage Tags from the Admin Console > List Management page.

How to Create a Tag (Admins Only)

  1. Navigate to the Admin Console.

  2. Navigate to the List Management page.

  3. Select the Tags list.

  4. Select the Create button.

  5. From the side blade enter the Name of the Tag, the Tag Type (Report vs. Attachment), and select a Color for the Tag.

  6. Select the Save button.

You can edit or delete Tags, by selecting the row and modifying the necessary information or selecting the Remove button.

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