Getting Started with Pegasus

New to Pegasus? Learn the basic layout and navigation in Pegasus from the My Projects page.

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Pegasus is the easiest way for you and your team to track your projects and activity in real-time. Here's how to quickly get started in Pegasus after you log in.

My Projects

The My Projects page is the first page you will see after logging into Pegasus. The My Projects page is divided into 2 areas:


The center area of the screen displays all projects accessible to your Pegasus account. Your projects will be grouped by the Organization they belong to. Click any project's name and it will open in the main pane.

Use the Search Bar to search for projects available to you.

You can view your projects as thumbnails or in a list view by using the grey List and Grid button located to the right of the Search Bar.

Use the tabs above the main pane to display projects that are Active, Archived, or moved to Trash. Active projects are displayed by default.

Click the blue +New Project button to create a new project.

Top Bar

The Top Bar area is the white bar located at the top of the page and is always visible in Pegasus. The Top Bar displays the logged in user's First and Last Name. Clicking this area displays a dropdown to navigate to:

  • My Profile - View your profile displaying contact information, project activity, change your password as well as other profile settings and preferences.

  • Admin Console - Manage users, billing, organization settings and much more (NOTE: Users must have Admin or Owner Organization Role to access the Admin Console).

  • Log Out - Sign out of Pegasus.

  • Use the Inbox icon to navigate to your account's Inbox page where action items are displayed for all of your projects. From the Inbox page you can review submitted reports that have been sent to you.

  • The Bell icon will notify you of the latest updates that have been published in Pegasus. You can also Request a Feature and take a look at our development Roadmap to see if your feature request is planned or in development.

  • Use the ? icon to navigate to the Pegasus Help Center for help articles, usage tips and troubleshooting guides.

NOTE: Clicking the Pegasus icon displayed at the top left corner will always bring you back to the My Projects page.

What's Next?

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