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Understanding the Lists page in Pegasus
Understanding the Lists page in Pegasus

Create your own lists and keep track of To-Do items

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General Information on Lists

The Lists page in your project was originally designed as a feature for Deficiency Lists or Punch Lists. It has since been expanded to support any list your organization would like to create including (but not limited to):

  • Punch / Deficiency List

  • Task List

  • Issue List

  • Resident Complaint Lists

  • Notices

  • To-Do Lists

These List "Types" are managed through the Admin Console of Pegasus. You can add or remove List Types as needed. List Types serve as the list name or group you are creating.

Each item in your List can contain a Description, Location, Status, Who Created the List Item, and Who Completed the List Item. You can also add Comments and Attachments to each List item.

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