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Creating List Types in Pegasus
Creating List Types in Pegasus

Manage List Types from the Admin Console or Create them on the fly from the Lists page

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Create List Types from the:

Creating List Types from the List page

Users can add List Type entries to the master list from the Lists page.

Navigate to your project's List page.

Select the +Create button.

Select the Type drop down and begin typing in the new List Type you would like to add. In this example, we'll use Issue.

Select the Add New button in the drop down menu.

The Issue List Type is now added to your master list. Users can now create list items under Issue.

Creating and Managing List Types from the Admin Console

If you are an Owner or Admin you can manage List Type options from the Admin Console.

Navigate to the Admin Console.

Using the navigation menu on the left side select List Management and select List Types.

Select the the +Create button to create a new List Type.

Enter the name of the List Type you would like to add, in this example we'll enter Complaint.

Select the Save button.

Your List Type entry will now display in the grid. Users can now select this List Type entry from the list page.

You can search for other List Types to modify or Remove completely by selecting the record and the Save/Remove button.

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