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Adding Comments to List Items
Adding Comments to List Items

Keep track of list items by providing status updates using Comments

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Comments allow users to provide additional notes about a List Item. Anyone with Field or Manager permissions can make Comments about a List Item.

How to Add Comments to a List Item:

Navigate to your project's List page and select a List item in the grid.

From the side blade widget, select the Open button.

Locate the Comments section (beneath the Details section) and select the Add Comment button.

From the side blade widget, type in your Comment and select the Save button.

Your Comment will now display in the Comments section grid along with who Created It and the Created Date. You can add as many Comments needed to a single List item. You can also modify and Remove Comments as needed.

You can also view List item comments from the Lists grid by selecting the expand/collapse arrow located on the left side of the grid.

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