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Managing Project Access & Permissions from the Admin Console
Managing Project Access & Permissions from the Admin Console

Learn how to quickly manage Users, Permissions, and Project Access from the Admin Console.

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Owners & Admins can use the Admin Console to manage project access across all of their organization's projects.

This is useful if a specific Admin or Owner has not been assigned to a specific project OR needs to manage multiple projects without having to open each project and modifying within the Settings of those projects.

Modify Project Access & Permissions from the Admin Console

To modify user access for a specific project in the Admin Console, use the All Projects grid located beneath the Users grid.

You can use the Search Bar to quickly search for Project Names and Job Codes.

Select the project you want to modify. You will see a User List, displaying all users that have access to the project and their permission set.

Select the User to modify or remove from the project.

Add Users to a Project from the Admin Console

To Invite a new user to a project, select the Add User tab once you've selected the project.

You can invite and Existing User by selecting from the drop down list OR you can invite a new user that does not have access to your organization's projects. Enter in the new User's Email Address in the Invite New User field.

Select the project permission assigned to the new user.

Select the Invite User button.

REMEMBER: You can modify user access inside of projects as well using the Project Settings page under the Active Users section.

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