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Modifying User Permissions & Removing Users from Projects
Modifying User Permissions & Removing Users from Projects

Change User Permissions and Remove Users from Projects

Updated over a week ago

Now that you have some Teammates invited to a project, if you ever need to modify a User's Permission on a project or Remove a User from a project you can do that from your project's Project Settings page (you can also do this from the Admin Console).

Here's how to Modify or Remove a User from the Project Settings page:

  1. Navigate to the Project Settings page in your project.

  2. In the Active Users grid, select the User you wish whose permission you need to modify or remove from the project entirely.

  3. To Modify Permissions, select a permission from the Project Permission drop down list and click the Save button.

    1. To Remove the selected User, select the Remove button.

  4. The Active Users grid will update with the new Permission selected or Remove the User from the grid.

NOTE: Removing Users from a project does not remove any reports or records created for the project. They are simply restricted from accessing the project.

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