Archiving Projects

Organize your Projects in Pegasus by Archiving.

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If your project has been completed and you have exported your project files from Pegasus, you'll want to Archive your project.

Archiving projects in Pegasus is useful in several ways:

  1. Organizes your My Projects page and helps keep everyone updated as to the status of that project.

  2. Prevents users from accidentally adding or removing unnecessary information to a project that is completed.

How to Archive a Project

From the My Projects page in Pegasus, locate your project.

Select the three white dots located at the bottom right corner of your project's thumbnail card.

Select the Archive option from the drop down menu.

Your project will now be moved from the Active tab to the Archived tab on the My Projects page. While Archived, data for this project can be exported, however users are unable to modify, add, or remove data stored in this project.

You can move the project back to active by selecting the three white dots and selecting the Make Active option in the drop down menu.

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