Creating a Project in Pegasus

Quick steps to creating all of your projects in Pegasus

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How to Create a Construction Project in Pegasus

From the My Projects page, select the New Project button.

From the side blade widget on the right side of the page, enter your construction project identifier information:

  • Project Name - The name of the project.

  • Job Code - This is a grouping mechanism for your projects. For Example, if you have projects belonging to the Department of Transportation your Job Code could be 'DOT'.

  • Project Number - This could be a number assigned by the owner, or a number you use internally for projects

  • Prime Contractor: The name of the Prime Contractor for this project.

  • Project Owner: The name of the project Owner

  • Location: General or Specific Location for the project

  • Engineer: The name of the Engineer/Architect for this project

Click the Save button when finished.

You will see your new project displayed as a card in the projects area of the My Projects page.

NOTE: The information entered during project information is NOT finalized and can be modified in the Project Settings page, if necessary.

Modify Project Info from the Project Settings Page

To modify project identifier information after setting up a project in Pegasus you need to navigate to that project's Project Settings page.

To navigate to the Project Settings page, select the project you wish to configure from the My Projects page.

Select the Project Settings page link from the navigation menu on the left side of the page.

To modify the Project Details for your project, select the blue Edit button, located at the top, right corner of the Details section.

You can modify information such as:

Project Name, Job Number, Job Code, Prime Contractor, Project Owner, Location, Engineer, and the Project Photo. Select the Save button when finished.

NOTE: It is important to ensure this information is correct as it is displayed in the header of each PDF report created for this project.

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