Project-Level Navigation in Pegasus

A quick explanation of project-level navigation and layout for all of your projects in Pegasus.

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Now that you understand how projects are organized on the My Projects page in Pegasus, here's how to access a specific project and what the navigation will look once opened.

Project Navigation

Select a project from the My Projects home page.

Opening a project brings you to the Project Dashboard page. Use the side navigation menu located on the left side of the page to navigate between pages within your selected project.

Here are the pages you can navigate to using the side navigation menu within your projects:

  • My Projects - This will return you to your My Projects page in Pegasus where all your projects are stored and organized.

  • Dashboard - The Dashboard page is the landing page for any project selected. You can see Details about the project, Contacts or users who have access to this project, Key Dates - milestones are important project dates, and the Project Calendar which displays all project records in a calendar view.

  • Field Reports - The Field Reports page is where Field Reports can be viewed, created, exported, etc. by project members. Pegasus system Field Report templates include: Daily Construction Report, Time & Material Report, and the Journal Report. You can create your own templates from the Admin Console or contact support for a custom system template.

  • Payments - The Payments page is where you can view, create, and export Pay Estimates and Applications for your project.

  • Change Orders - The Change Orders page is where Change Events and Change Orders are created and approved.

  • Documents - The Documents page allows users to create folders, upload project files, view and mark up documents.

  • Photos - The Photos page displays photographs uploaded to the project either directly from this page or attached to Field Reports and other documents created in Pegasus.

  • Analytics - View and export charts, graphs and other analytical data from this page. Analytics include Contract status, Time, Material, and Equipment. Data will not be displayed until field reports have been created in the system.

  • Project Settings - The Project Settings page is where users with the Manager permission can modify settings for a given project as well as complete the Advanced Setup for a project.

NOTE: The Top Bar navigation will still be available at the top of the page. You can navigate to your Profile, Inbox, Product Updates and Pegasus Help Center even when opening a project.

REMEMBER: To return to the My Projects home page, simply select the My Projects option in the navigation menu OR select the Pegasus logo located at the top, left corner of the page.

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