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Approving Change Orders and How it Works
Approving Change Orders and How it Works

Approve your Change Orders for contract modifications to take place in Pegasus

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What Happens When I Approve a Change Order?

Approving the Change Order in Pegasus essentially locks the Change Order from further modification. All items belonging to a Change Order will be added to the contract on the set Effective Date. The Adjusted Contract Total will include the total Change Order amount on the Effective Date as well. Users can track bid items added to the Change Order from the Daily Construction Report on or after the Effective Date once Approved.

How to Approve a Change Order

Navigate to your project's Change Orders page, select the Change Order record you want to Approve.

From the side blade widget select the Open button.

Select the Approve button from the Details section.

Congratulations! You have Approved a Change Order in Pegasus. The Change Order record will now display as Approved in the Status column of the Change Order grid.

Your Project's Adjusted Contract Total will now include the Change Order(s) total. This is displayed throughout various pages for your project in Pegasus.

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