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Change Orders in Pegasus
Change Orders in Pegasus

Manage Prime Contract Change Orders in a centralized location

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Change Order Overview

On construction projects, things rarely go as planned and change is inevitable. Use your project Change Order page to easily create and track change orders affecting your project's contracts.

As it stands, the Change Order tool is used primarily to track change orders and their relevant documentation as well as any Bid Item modifications made to the contract items and extensions made to the duration of the contract. Bid Items added to the original contract or modified will show a Change Order total. The dollar amount total all new items from all Change Orders will display as your project's Adjusted Contract Total.

In short, from the Change Order section you can:

  • Assign a Type of Change Order

  • Assign a Reason for the Change Order

  • Select an Effective Date (the date the change order items are displayed in your project)

  • Make Contract Duration Days modifications

  • Add Retainage Max Value Adjustments

  • Track whether it is a Claim or not

Change Order Statuses

Similar to Payments in Pegasus the Change Order in Pegasus has two statuses: Draft and Approved.

While in a Draft state, the Change Order information can be modified, documents can be added and bid items can be modified. When the Change Order is Approved it is locked and prevented from further modification.

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