Approving Reports

Approve Reports to finalize your field data and power other pages in Pegasus

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Approving Reports is an important step in the Field Reporting process. The information and data collected on the Field Report is pending until Approved.

Remember, only users with the Manager permission can Approve reports.

How to Approve a Report

From either the Reports Review page or your project's Field Reports page, select the Submitted Report record.

You can Approve a report quickly from the side blade widget or from inside of the report after opening it from the Report Details section.

Select the Approve button.

(From side blade widget on Field Reports/Reports Review page)

(From Report Details section after opening the Submitted Report)

After selecting the Approve button, the status of the report will update to Approved in the grid.

Now that the report is Approved, all information belonging to it will display on other pages in Pegasus and will also reference that report number including:

  • Time & Mileage

  • Contractor Time, Equipment, & Material

  • Photos & Files attached

  • Pay Items

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