Reviewing Reports in Pegasus

Learn how to Approve or Reject Field Reports that have been Submitted.

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If you have 'Manager' permissions in a Pegasus project you can review reports that have been Submitted. If a report is complete and contains the necessary information and detail then you can Approve the report. If the report has missing or incomplete information you can Reject the Report and return it to the original author for correction and re-submission.

There are different areas in Pegasus where you can review a submitted report in Pegasus:

Field Reports page

Navigate to the project's Field Reports page. Reports with a Status of In Review indicates that the Report has been Submitted and is pending review.

Select the Report in the grid and click the Open button from the side blade.

Select the Approve button or Reject button after reviewing.

Reports Review page

The Reports Review page is located in the Top Bar of Pegasus. Click the inbox icon to navigate there. The Reports Review page will show you all Field Reports pending review for all projects you have 'Manager' permissions on.

Select the Field Report pending review, select the Open button from the side blade to review the Report.

NOTE: You can also review reports in PDF format using the PDF button located in the Report Details section.

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