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Searching, Sorting, & Filtering Lists
Searching, Sorting, & Filtering Lists

Quickly Search, Sort & Filter Lists to find what you're looking for

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Searching Lists

Use the grid search bar to quickly search for list items. You can search for Locations, User Names, Descriptions, and Statuses using key words.

The image below shows "valve box" typed into the search bar. All results have been narrowed to those containing "valve box".

Sorting Lists

Use the grid column headers to sort the display order for List items.

Select any column header to reorder the Numbering, List Type, Description, Location, Status, Created By, and Assigned To.

Filtering Lists

Filter List items (especially useful when exporting a List with specific criteria) by selecting the Filter button.

From the side blade widget filter your list criteria by List Type, Status, Assigned To, and Created By.

Select the Filter button.

Your filtered results will now display in the grid. You can select the Export button to export these results as a single list. More on this in the next article:

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