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Making Estimate Adjustments to Pay Items
Making Estimate Adjustments to Pay Items

Quickly reconcile pay quantities from your Draft Pay Estimate

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Disagreements on final quantities for a given pay period are common, even with proper documentation and pay item tracking. If you need to modify or reconcile pay items you can do so by creating a corrective Daily Construction Report or you can quickly adjust Pay Item entry totals from the Pay Estimate.

How to Make Pay Estimate Adjustments to Pay Items:

Navigate to the Payments page in your project.

Select your Draft Pay Estimate record in the grid. From the side blade widget select the Open button.

Locate the Bid Items section of the Pay Estimate (beneath the Pending Reports this Period section).

Select the item you would like to adjust in the grid.

(In this article we'll select Item #5, PIPE REMOVED, OVER 24"; there is a Period Quantity of 0 installed for this item. Meaning there has been no reported entries for this item during this pay period).

From the side blade widget, under the Add Adjustment tab enter the Quantity amount and any Remarks for the entry - be as detailed as possible in explaining the reason for making the item adjustment.

Select the Add Adjustment button when finished.

The item adjustment will now be updated in the Bid Items grid. Item #5 now has a Period Quantity of 10 displayed in the grid along with an Extended Cost of $100.00 for this pay period.

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