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Analytics Page Layout & Navigation
Analytics Page Layout & Navigation

Learn how to get around the Analytics page in Pegasus.

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The Analytics Page contains three tabs located near the top of the page:

  1. Contract Tab

  2. Time Tab

  3. Materials Tab

Contract Tab:

The Contract Tab is going to display infographic information related to the contract that was set up on your project in Pegasus. You will also need Approved Daily Construction Reports with Pay Items to display information. If there is no contract set up on the project or Field Reports without pay item information then nothing will display on this page.

Time Tab:

This tab will display infographic information related to time. This includes user time from Daily Construction Reports as well as Contractor time from Daily Construction Reports and Time & Material Reports.

Materials Tab:

The Materials Tab displays a material log for materials tracked via the Daily Construction Report.

Continue on to the next help article to learn how to use some of the graphs and charts available in each tab:

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