Invite Teammates to a Project

Here's how to quickly assign teammates to a project or add new users.

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The Active Users section under Project Settings displays all users with access to your project and their permissions. Use this guide to quickly Invite Teammates to one of your projects in Pegasus:

Select your Project from the My Projects page. Navigate to the Project Settings page.

Under the General tab look for the Active Users section (beneath Details section) and select the blue Invite User button. You can now Invite Existing Users in your organization or Invite New Users.

Inviting Existing Users to a Project

To Invite an Existing User from your Organization select the Existing User tab in the side blade widget.

Select the user's name from the Invite Existing User drop down list.

Select a Project Permission for the invited user from the drop down list.

Select the blue Invite User button.

The invited user should now appear in the grid. The invited user will also receive an email informing them of the project invitation.

Inviting A New User to a Project

A New user is someone that does not yet have access to your Organization in Pegasus.

To quickly add someone to a project that is outside of or new to your organization, use the New User tab in the side blade widget after selecting the Invite User button.

Enter the email address belonging to the New User in the Invite New User field.

Select a Project Permission for the New User.

Select the blue Invite User button to invite the New User.

The New User will now appear in the Active Users grid and receive an email for the project invitation.

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