Viewing Plan Sheets

Learn the Basic Plan Sheet Viewing Functionality

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How to View Plan Sheets

Navigate to your project's Plans page and Locate the Plan Sheet you would like to view (you can search for specific page numbers and titles using the search bar).

Select the Plan Sheet thumbnail in the grid to view the Plan Sheet.

Plan Viewing Controls:

Zoom In/Out: Use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in & out of plan sheets. You can also use the Zoom % dropdown located at the top left corner to jump to a certain zoom percentage or quickly fit the page to the entire screen. If you are using a touch device use two fingers and pinch together to zoom out, pinch apart to zoom in.

Click & Drag: If you zoom in on a plan sheet you can click & hold anywhere on the plan sheet to move and view different areas of the sheet.

Switch Pages: Use the left and right arrows at the bottom of the page to change plan sheet pages.

More View Features:

Search: Select the Search icon to search the plan sheet document for key words. The searched word(s) will be highlighted on the plan sheet.

Show/Hide Comments by Author: Select the comments icon in the tool bar to show all annotations and comments made by user. Select the comment to highlight the corresponding annotation.

Show/Hide Annotations: Select the Show/Hide Annotation icon to show/hide annotations from the current plan sheet.

Download: Select the Settings icon then select Download to download the current plan sheet as a PDF file.

Print: Select the Settings icon then select Print to print the current plan sheet. Print options include:

  • With/without comments

  • With/without annotations

  • Add a Watermark

  • Print Quality

Close Plan View: Select the X icon (top, right corner) to close the plan view and return the project Plans page in Pegasus.

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