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Using the Calendar on the Dashboard
Using the Calendar on the Dashboard
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Get a complete picture of activity on your project for the current month using the Calendar section on your project's Dashboard page. From the calendar widget you can quickly view and create project records on a date selected in the calendar.

Calendar Basic Usage

Use the left and right arrow buttons located at the top, left corner of the calendar to change the display month; selecting the today button will bring you back to the current day. Switch between Month & Day views using the Month-Day toggle button located at the top right corner of the calendar.

Select the Month and Year display to use the calendar pop-up to quickly switch between display months.

Viewing Project Records from the Calendar

To view a specific project record displayed in the Calendar widget navigate to the desired date/month view.

Select the record on the Calendar.

Select the Open button to view the record.

Creating a Project Record from the Calendar

To quickly create a project record from the Calendar, select the + button on the desired calendar day within the Calendar widget.

Select the template you would like to create from drop down menu in the side blade widget.

Select the Save button.

Your template record will now display on the selected Date in the Calendar widget.

Select the record to Open or perform other actions.

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