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Attach Files to your Pay Estimate
Attach Files to your Pay Estimate

Uploading and Attaching Relevant Files to your Pay Estimate.

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Like other Reports in Pegasus you can attach Files you want associated with your Pay Estimate.

For Example, if your organization prefers to use its own Pay Application format and layout you can use the Pay Estimate feature as a tracking and reconciliation method. You can upload your organization's final Payment Application with authorization to the Pegasus Pay Estimate. This way the relevant files are associated to the Payment created in Pegasus and can be easily located for reference in the future.

How to Attach Files to Your Pay Estimate:

Locate the Attachments section on the Pay Estimate (beneath the My Mileage section).

Select the Upload button.

Select a file or multiple files from your device's file browser pop up to add to your Pay Estimate as an Attachment.

Your file Attachment will now display in the grid. A preview of the file or image will display in the left column of the grid.

To add a Description to your Attachment select the record and begin typing in the Description box. Example descriptions include what the file is, the location, general notes or remarks, etc.

Select the Save button.

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