Creating a Journal Report

Flexible report to log miscellaneous items internal to your organization

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What is a Journal Report?

The Journal Report in Pegasus is generally used as a flexible report. Organizations use the Journal Report to log their own work and time on days they are not on the job site with a contractor. They can also be used by project managers/engineers to log misc. information.

Use these reports as-needed. Typical usage includes involvement with a project before actual construction starts and weather/off days.

Continue on to learn how to create a Journal Report by jumping to a section of this article below.

How to Create a Journal Report:

Creating the Journal Report Draft

Similar to the Daily Construction Report (or any other report template in Pegasus), begin by selecting your project and navigate to the Field Reports page.

Select the + Create button.

From the side blade widget select Journal Report from the Template drop down menu and select the Date.

Select the Save button.

Your Journal Report Draft should now display in the Field Reports grid.

Select the record in the grid and select the Open button to begin filling out your T&M Report.

Filling Out the Journal Report

Now that you have your Journal Report Draft created continue on to learn about what sections live in the Journal Report and how to fill them out:


Use the Remarks section to jot down any notes, work activities, conversations had or instructions received.

Locate the Remarks section (beneath Report Details).

Select the text box area and begin typing. Click the Save button when finished.

This section auto-saves periodically as you type but it's a good idea to hit the Save button anyways!

My Time Card

Use the My Time Card section of the Journal Report to log your time relevant to the work activity or note created in the Remarks section.

Locate the My Time Card section (beneath the Remarks section).

Select the Add button.

From the side blade widget enter the Start Time and Stop Time and any additional Notes (optional).

Select the Save button.

The My Time Card entry will now display in the grid. Your Total Time is calculated automatically in hours.


Use the Attachments section of the Journal Report to upload and attach files to your report. The most common attachments are images, other files include:

  • Image

  • Video

  • Audio

  • PDF

  • Office Documents: Word, Excel, Powerpoint

  • CAD

Locate the Attachments section (beneath the My Time Card section).

Select the Upload button.

Select a file or multiple files from your device's file browser pop up to add to your Daily Construction Report as an Attachment.

Your file Attachment will now display in the grid. A preview of the file or image will display in the left column of the grid.

To add a Description to your Attachment select the record and begin typing in the Description box.

Example descriptions include what the file is, the location, general notes or remarks, etc.

Select the Save button.

Congratulations! You have created a Journal Report! Submit your report for review when ready.

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