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Using the Map Tab in Photos
Using the Map Tab in Photos

If your photos have location information, use the Map tab on the Photos page to see photos on a map view

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How to View Photos on a Map in Pegasus:

Navigate to your project's Photos page and select the Map tab near the top of the page.

Note: In Order to view Photos on a Map in Pegasus, you'll need location information toggled on for your device's camera. See the linked help article at the bottom of the page to ensure your device is capturing location information.

The Map View will display all thumbnail images with location information on the right side of the map. You can select a thumbnail to display its marker on the map.

You can also select the marker or marker cluster on the map to display the image markers.

Select a marker on the map to view an image thumbnail. Select the image thumbnail to view an enlarged version of the image.

Use the Map / Satellite buttons to toggle between an animated map / satellite view of the map. Use the +/- buttons to zoom in and out of the map.

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